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Alpi Retiche IGT Passito

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“Passito” from the heart of the Alps.

Back in 1618 a landslide submerged the town of Piuro, in Valchiavenna. Only one building was spared, the Vertemate Franchi Palace, one of the most fascinating 16th century stately homes in Lombardy. It is within the Palace walls where we cultivate the aromatic Traminer and Riesling grapes. Just imagine the golden colours of the Alpine sunset, the warm aroma of candied fruit, the sweetness of jam and a touch of earthiness, these sensations are all part of our “passito”.

60% aromatic Traminer and 40% Riesling

Clos of the Vertemate Franchi Palace in the Piuro district, in the I.G.T. denomination area of Alpi Retiche in the province of Sondrio

Made from dried grapes or “passito”, fermented and aged for 12 months in small oak barrels

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Concorso Enologico Internazionale
Vini Passiti, Liquorosi e Aromatizzati

2019 | Gold Medal - Vintage 2016


Concorso internazione dei vini di montagna

2013 | Gold Medal - Vintage 2010

Gran Palio della Signoria dei Bentivoglio

Rassegna internazionale dei vini passiti

2012 | 4 Corone d'eccellenza - Vintage 2010
2009 | 4 Corone d'eccellenza - Vintage 2007


Mamete Prevostini wines

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